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These FAQ’s are some of the most common issues that people ask about. Of course, you may have a number of queries that have not been answered. If so, please feel free to fill out our contact us form, and we will reply to you individually as soon as possible. Or, if you wish, please call us at the ATTS, and Anthony or one of the other Trainers will return your call.

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Can I work to support myself during training?

Most students do need to work during their training. The ATTS is organised to take this reality into consideration. The structure of the course is based on a four-day week from Tuesday to Friday, between 9.00am until 1.00pm. This offers students a degree of flexibility to combine training with work.

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Will I need to do any post-graduate training after qualification?

A new teacher embarking on an Alexander career is at the beginning of a long journey. Teachers should remain in contact where possible with their training school, and additionally engage in lessons, work-exchange, seminars and continual professional development (CPD). The ATTS provides a supportive and ongoing learning environment for newly qualified teachers.

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Will I be ready to be a teacher after three years?

The three-year training is a general minimum standard that STAT requires in order to certify a teacher. Some students may need more time to develop their skills to an appropriate level. This will be discussed individually with the Head of Training. The programme of the ATTS is built to maximise a students capacities to be a ready and confident professional after three years. The modules that are offered over the three-year period are also designed with this in mind.

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How do I know if I am suited to be an Alexander Teacher?

This is a very important question, and should not be taken lightly. Some people do seem to have greater aptitudes to becoming an Alexander Teacher. And the sort of work, and life-style of a Teacher does not suit everyone. Anthony Kingsley, the Head of Training at the ATTS is happy to talk individually to any prospective candidates, and help them come to a realistic appraisal of their professional aspirations. For interviews or simply a chat on the phone, contact Anthony at the ATTS.

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Who typically wants to train as an Alexander Teacher?

People of any age or background can train to become Alexander Teachers. In the ATTS we have a wide range of students. Doctors, lawyers, academics, artists, musicians, actors, writers, singers, nutritionalists, TV producers, chefs and housewives have all joined the course recently. Age can usually range between twenties to sixties.

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Does everyone who completes a training course, end up as an Alexander Teacher?

Not necessarily. Some people view the training course as an opportunity to study the Alexander Technique as an intense process beyond individual lessons. Because the Alexander Technique is very much a personal journey as much as a professional training, it is possible to use the training school to take the Alexander Technique to a higher level. For people who choose this route, the experience gained in a training school can be life-changing.

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Is the Alexander Technique recognised in the wider society?

The Alexander Technique has been around now for over 100 years. Over the years it has proved itself in many arenas of life. The medical establishment is increasingly referring their patients to Alexander Teachers for a range of muscular-skeletal problems. And, the Alexander Technique is very much integrated into many music colleges, dance and drama schools.

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Who are STAT?

STAT is the regulating body of Alexander Technique Teachers in the UK. It operates to set standards, and to maintain the professionalism of its members. STAT represents teachers directly in other countries and is affiliated with 14 other national organizations worldwide, including Australia (AUSTAT), Belgium (AEFMAT), Brazil (ABTA), Canada (CANSTAT), Denmark (DFLAT), France (APTA), Germany (GLAT), Israel (ISTAT), Netherlands (NeVLAT), New Zealand (ATTSNZ), South Africa (SASTAT), Spain (APTAE), Switerland (SVLAT) and North America (AmSTAT). STAT members are entitled to become members of overseas affiliated societies.

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Is the Alexander Teacher Training School a recognised training school?

Yes. The ATTS has been awarded the full status as a training body by The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, (STAT). Successful completion of the course leads to certification by The Alexander Teacher Training School, and certification and eligibility to membership of STAT. Graduates may use the initials MSTAT after their name and be registered with STAT as teaching members. Their details will be held on STAT’s database and be made available to members of the public.

The Alexander Teacher Training School is registered on the Department for Education and Skill’s Register of Education Providers.

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Will I be guaranteed a good living after I qualify as an Alexander Teacher?

Being a self-employed Alexander Teacher demands a high level of personal resources. It is difficult to establish a successful Alexander practice. And, it takes time and resilience. Word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations help a new teacher develop a practice. Some teachers find, during the first few years, that they will need to supplement their Alexander income from another source.

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Do I need a degree in order to enrol in an Alexander Technique Training School?

No. There are no academic prerequisites for enrolment into an Alexander Training course. However, applicants should be able to demonstrate a level of maturity and possess the necessary people skills that are required by an Alexander Technique Teacher.

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Does the ATTS have a particular style?

Alexander was adamant that he was not interested in training clones. He was unhappy at his students attempts to imitate him, and famously exclaimed one morning: “I don’t want you to be a load of monkeys!”

At the ATTS we are faithful to Alexander’s principles but do not revere a personality. We nurture each students individual Alexander journey towards an authentic teaching practice.

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What is classical Alexander Teacher Training?

After Alexander, a number of the first generation of Teachers who had assisted Alexander in his school, including Macdonald, Carrington and the Barlows, each set up their own Training School.

Their respective graduates developed a sense of loyalty to their own school and this is where the idea of styles and lineages originated. At the ATTS we understand that no single teacher holds the key to Alexander’s discovery.

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