Post-graduate Training & Workshops

Post-graduate Trainings

The Alexander Teacher Training School offers Teachers from other Trainings to participate in further Training to complement and supplement their skills and understanding. The ATTS had a reputation as a supportive and creative space where young Teachers can explore and deepen their work in a mutually supportive environment.

One of the elements of the ATTS post-graduate Trainings that graduates are keen to explore, is the mindbody approach that Anthony has integrated into the curriculum. Teachers will be exposed to a range of personal development and personal growth skills and experiences. The course will enhance capacities for resilience and emotional health and healing. There will be an examination of the role of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on the tapestry of the body.

Over the years, the ATTS has welcomed Teachers from the UK and Nationally to join the Training programme for part of a week, 5 weeks, a full term, and sometimes even more in-depth study.

The cost of a one week (4 days) Taster experience is £260

The cost of a Half Term block of 6 weeks Immersive experience is £1450

The cost of a full Term Professional experience is £2290

The main focus of these post-graduate Trainings is the refinement of hands-on skill, and the development of a wide range of strategies to adapt to the individual needs of their pupils. The post-grad study includes supervised clinical practice, with the aim of enhancing confidence and depth of work.

Over the years, many ATTS students have decided to continue training at the ATTS after graduation in order to benefit from a 10th term study period. They have found this time to be invaluable for their personal development and career potential.

Post-graduate Workshops & CPD

The ATTS is very happy to offer weekly postgraduate meetings and workshops where the graduates work together in a lively and creative interchange of work. The ATTS post-grad group meet up every Thursday at the ATTS, between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

The various ATTS programmes can contribute towards a Teachers Continual Professional Development, CPD.

For example, during the Covid lockdown in Summer 2020, Anthony Kingsley delivered 3 Free Online Webinars for Alexander Teachers and Students from all over the Globe. These workshops can all be viewed on Anthony’s YouTube Channel.

The Group invites many expert Teachers to offer seminars and workshops on a variety of themes relevant to the practice of the Alexander Technique. Examples of these workshops include:

Working with Hypermobility

The Emotional aspects of the Alexander Technique with Anthony Kingsley

February 28th, 2019 “Working with Children” with Judith Kleinman

And since CPD is now a required element for all graduates, the ATTS provides this space for ongoing work.  And beneficially, expenses occurring from CPD can be offset against income.


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