Caroline Dale – Alexander Teacher

After my 2nd Alexander lesson with Anthony Kingsley, I knew I wanted to become a teacher. Two years later I joined the North London Teacher Training Course. It was an exciting, challenging and somewhat frightening step.

During the next 3 years I developed not just skills for teaching The Alexander Technique, but valuable skills for personal development, to use in my future life. I questioned many of my held beliefs and convictions during these three challenging years. I understand now what a great opportunity that was.

Training as an Alexander teacher has given me the opportunity of turning a dream into a vocational and professional reality. Anthony Kingsley is a challenging and inspiring teacher, and his Training Team are fantastic. I have been privileged to have been trained by him.

“….. what’s keeping you….?”
FM Alexander (to a racehorse he had placed a bet on)

London, January 2003

Jude Tisdall – Alexander Teacher

I can truly say that these years (in training), in terms of my own development, growth and realisations, were the most important years of my life. That is not to say that they are the sum total of my learning, but rather a starting point. I continue to learn and to be inspired. I continue to be frustrated. But more and more l am present in this wonderful life, and am increasingly clear and responsible for my choices.

I was extremely fortunate with the variety of teachers I had when training. All have contributed, supported and inspired me.

The Alexander Technique. What is it? I think it could be called a technique for living! The Alexander Technique has enabled me to live at the centre of who I am – sometimes! And for me, one of the excitements is that this is an ongoing process.

London, December 2004

Margaret Mary FitzGerald – Alexander Teacher

Training as an Alexander Technique teacher, I believed, could enhance the benefits to my health and general well-being that I had already gained from my initial Alexander Technique course of private lessons.

Training took place on four mornings a week, from 9 am until 1 pm. My boss, a Member of Parliament, agreed to keep me on as his secretary, with release for training, provided all his work was completed as usual. This bargain was kept, but not without difficulty, especially during the first year. I felt incredibly tired as I absorbed all the new training, and worked through until 7 or 8 pm, (sometimes later as well as some weekends), then commuted back to the suburbs.

Training was a thrilling experience as one slowly grew to understand more and more what it was that Alexander had unravelled in the previous century. I shall never forget the absolute kick I got from “putting hands” on a fellow pupil’s back, and being able, for the first time, to feel muscles soften and release.

Working with a wide range of personalities, teachers and pupils alike, was great fun and sometimes challenging, as the Alexander Technique work is both close and personal. Supervision by STAT, with assessment at the end of the second year, sees trainee teachers on the home straight until that glorious moment at the end of the third year – Graduation Day – when the certificate is received and one’s Alexander Technique life begins another most exciting stage, as an Alexander Technique teacher.

London, November 2004

Peter Ball – Alexander Teacher

After 55 years of breathing and postural problems, the Alexander Technique has presented me with some very simple truths about my habits and my use. I began my Alexander journey with Anthony Kingsley, and after a number of lessons was amazed at the improvement in my breathing. I am now free from my asthma medication and so much more able to manage my stresses. Without the skill and dedication of the teaching staff and the support of my fellow students at The Alexander Teacher Training School, these elements wouldn’t have joined together. I’m still the same human being but with a coherent sense of mental and physical health, and ever expanding horizons. Learning to teach and teaching the Alexander Technique is an education in life, for life.

London, August 2008

Vicki Walsh – Alexander Teacher

I graduated from Anthony Kingsley’s Alexander Technique teacher training course 5 years ago and have since then been working as an Alexander teacher in my own private practice, at the Royal Academy of music, and at various horse riding schools in London, Surrey, and Hertfordshire. When I decided to train I visited quite a few schools. I chose Anthony’s as it struck me as being friendly, open-minded, practical and professional. I wasn’t disappointed! The class and teachers were kind and supportive, yet they challenged me to learn and grow as a teacher. I was encouraged to think for myself about the work and develop my own style of teaching suitable to my own physique and personality. The emphasis on practical work meant that I graduated feeling confident about working on members of the public. Moreover, Anthony’s course not only instilled me with the skills I needed to teach, but also addressed the professional considerations of being a teacher: advertising, speaking about the Technique, practical aspects or setting up a business and our duty of care as teachers. Therefore, I would heartily recommend Anthony Kingsley course to anyone thinking of training as an Alexander Technique teacher.

London, December 2008

Maria Luszczkiewicz – Alexander Teacher

My Alexander Technique journey started with my usual a bit sceptical-practical approach in one to one lessons in order to ‘sort out’ my chronic lower back pain. Despite all my initial reservations, after a few lessons, even I did not have a clue what it was or how it worked, I was intrigued and very excited by it! I did not understand it, but it was really working for me. I started to wonder what..? if..? how..? In my head, a battle of thoughts began. Could I maybe learn to teach the Technique to others?

However, as English is not my first language, plus lack of confidence in general, it took me some time and a number of lessons in the Technique to pluck up my courage to see Anthony Kingsley the head of ATTS for a consultation to find out what is required to join the training course. I had some more lessons with Anthony, and then I visited the school. I really liked the atmosphere in the school. And then, to my surprise, I was accepted for the training.

My first days went in a blur, with my insecurities I felt paralysed with fear. Soon though I discover that the class was a safe and no judgemental place where could be possible to explore who I am, what I can do… I have not worked that one out yet but it was very interesting 3 years. Definitely not with out all kinds of dramas and troubles ( the first time I lift a head, some personal pains or simply money worries ) which somehow seemed manageable, made me stronger. It is amazing what we can face once we give ourselves a chance, a little space.
I finished my training in December 2008. The last few months have been very confusing but exiting too -a bit like leaving home again. All this would not be possible with out the support and understanding of the teachers and peers who are a brilliant “mixture” providing a wide range of style with the same principle behind it.

It showed me a different way of learning and living. A quality I can’t describe.

London, June 2009

Leah Wright – Alexander Teacher

I was delighted when talking through with Anthony Kingsley the possibility of my training at ATTS when in response to my enquiry if I was too old he replied, “Oh, the 50s and 60s are such a good time to begin something new!”

Well, the Alexander Technique training is certainly something new at whatever age the student starts. It is demanding and challenging, there are highs and lows, it’s exhausting and invigorating and incredibly mind-stretching. To join a large and diverse group of people from several different countries, both students and teachers, was immensely rich. The discipline of the learning was held within the fluidity of the day’s work, there were almost always visitors, teachers from around the world, visiting students from other schools, practitioners of other disciplines and enquirers. It was a great way to prepare us for working with whoever comes through our door.

I am so grateful for the training, the inner learning and for that experience of embarking on something new, all of which richly inform my Alexander Technique practice.

London, April 2010

Liz Taylor – Alexander Teacher

It’s a hard call deciding which training course to join, but I knew the minute I walked through the door that this school was for me.

I enjoyed the lively,  vibrant atmosphere, and really feel that I benefitted from the wide variety of teaching styles that I encountered during my three years at ATTS.

London, July 2012

Elise Wood – Alexander Teacher

ATTS is a warm and friendly learning environment with a huge team of experienced and passionate teachers. I felt fully supported throughout my training and this has led to a confident and flourishing Alexander practice.

London, July 2012

Adrian Farrell – Alexander Teacher

The teaching at ATTS is truly excellent with a good mix of teachers who all bring their own understanding to the work. Anthony’s understanding of the technique is this clearest I have ever come across. His guidance has deeply informed my teaching as I start out on my new career as an Alexander Teacher. Teaching aside, what I found most valuable was the strength of support that is encouraged and developed amongst the students.

London, January 2013


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