Foundation Course

The ATTS offers a unique Foundation Course for those who wish to explore the Alexander Technique in more depth than individual one-to-one lessons.

This short course, usually of a term’s duration, offers an intense engagement with the Technique. The Course covers the theory as described in Alexander’s 4 books as well as the practice and application of the Alexander Technique to a variety of everyday activities.

Musicians, actors, dancers and in fact anyone in the field of performance will find this course an immense benefit for their professional skills.

Those primarily interested in personal development and well-being will find a rich source of inspiration in developing life-enhancing skills.

The ATTS embraces a holistic MindBody approach, and students are guided to engage in a personal voyage of emotional healing.

If you have a health issue that requires a deeper engagement in the Alexander Technique, this 11-week course can have powerful benefits.

And those who simply wish to enhance their personal Alexander journey as an extension of their individual lessons will discover a fun and fascinating environment.

Successful completion of the Foundation Course can serve as credit towards a 3-year full-time training. The course is open to entry three times per year, in September, May and January.


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