International Students

International Students are very welcome to study at the ATTS.

We are delighted to announce that as of July 2017,

The ATTS is Accredited by the British Accreditation Council, BAC,  for Independent Further and Higher Education as a College.

This is a very prestigious certification, and is a huge testament to the extremely high standards of the school. It is a National and Government endorsed marker of excellence in the content and delivery of our Training. We are to date the only Alexander Training School mohave achieved this award.


In practice this now means that Non-UK students who enrol with us are entitled to a 6 month student Visa.

We are also exploring options to enrol Tier 4 students for a full 3-year study period. But with the constantly changing Visa environment in the UK, this process is rather complex, and may take some time.

And so, we are now able to offer a full route to STAT Alexander Teacher Certification over a period of 4 and a half years, rather than the more traditional 3 year period.

For this reason, we have tailor-made a series of 6 month courses, called Modules, which span 2 terms, 10 weeks in each term, and which offer full credit for these 2 terms. The 10 week term is supplemented by 6 private lessons. The student will then hopefully be able to renew the short term Visa each year in order to continue training with us. Each subsequent year we will offer an additional course for 6 months which will count as 2 extra terms. And so over a period of less than 4 and a half years, amounting to 10 terms, the student will have complied fully with the criteria for STAT qualification and certification.

The 5 progressive modules are as follows:

  • Foundation Skills
  • Basic Skills
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Advanced Skills
  • Qualification & Post Graduation Skills

However, the 6 month course does stand alone as an excellent foundation course for Teacher Training in the Alexander Technique.

Not only does this 6 month period offer a solid grounding for professional training in the Technique, but it also provides a powerful tool for personal development. The intense engagement with the Technique develops an array of personal, psychological and emotional capacities that can enrich ones life and enhance ones emotional and physical wellbeing. Students usually report that the Training at the ATTS is one of the most rewarding learning experiences of their adult lives.

Non-UK potential students should Contact us  with any Visa queries, and to get more information about the contents of the progressive Training Modules. We will be very happy to work on your behalf in order to support your opportunity of studying with us. We can also arrange a Skype chat.


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