In a tradition established by F. M. Alexander, it is the prerogative of the Heads of training schools to declare their students competent and ready for certification as Alexander Technique teachers. Also, in line with STAT policy, external moderators are invited in to the School to assess the progress of the students in their 6th and 9th term. They will submit a report to the Head of Training. The Head and the other trainers will continuously monitor your development throughout the Alexander Technique Teacher Training School program.

There are no academic examinations to “pass” or “fail”, although some written work is suggested. Students are advised to keep a personal journal of their experiences throughout their three years of training. In the first year, a student may prepare a short essay of about 1,5000 words on some aspect of the Alexander Technique. And in the final year, some students my wish to prepare a longer project of particular interest to them . This is usually based on a 2,000 to 3,000 word essay.

Most students are assessed as competent to teach by the end of three years. If necessary, however, you will be asked to continue your studies beyond this minimum time. Notice of this possibility will be given as soon as it becomes apparent.

Some students prefer not to be pressured by a time-limited Alexander Technique Teacher training, and may themselves request an extension of their training beyond the normal three years.


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