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In order to prepare for a professional training in the Alexander Technique, most students will normally have received a number of individual sessions in the Alexander Technique. This is one of the basic requirements in order to be accepted into the Training. This condition can be sometimes be waived especially in cases where the student is enrolling for the Foundation term, or where the Training is undertaken for primarily personal development.

Because the Alexander Technique is an education and not simply a treatment, classes are usually referred to as lessons. The client is usually referred to as a pupil, and the practitioner is the Teacher.

Teachers from the Alexander Teacher Training School offer individual classes or lessons in the Alexander Technique. These lessons take place in the same building in the Alexander Studio.

Costs of Alexander Technique lessons in London typically vary between about £25 to £80 per session. This is usually based on the location and level of experience of the practitioner. At the Studio, the range is between £45 to £75. The Alexander Studio teachers hold a few limited places for concessionary fees. If you require one-to-one sessions of the Alexander Technique in London, please contact us directly.

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