It’s the Thought that Counts – Some Comparisons between the Alexander Technique and Psychotherapy

Article added April 3, 2012

Written by Keith Silvester.  INTRODUCTION When you mention Alexander in conversation the usual response is “oh I better straighten up” and the person usually stiffens like a new army recruit.  Or I get, “oh I’ve got such back problems, can it cure me?”  I then find myself ‘at pains’ to explain that the Technique is […]

Reflections on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Article added January 23, 2012

Written by Aino Klippel. An Alexander Teacher’s reflections on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in the tradition of Pattabhi Jois. “The experience you want is in the process of getting it…” In this essay I describe how to teach the basics of the Alexander Technique in a way that would be approachable to a student of ashtanga yoga. […]

Teaching Piano through the eyes of the Alexander Technique

Article added July 22, 2010

Written by Helen Aun. With a determined look in her eyes a small girl tries to get through a difficult passage in the new piano piece she has learned. She knows she should not fail. Failure is not acceptable. She tries as hard as she can, jaw clenched, shoulders raised, hardly breathing. Why do the […]

Intelligent Training

Article added June 25, 2009

Written by Steve Peters. The human body is a complex system, interconnected in ways that most of us barely even notice. Hundreds of stimuli from the outside world and within the body are received, processed and responded to at any given moment, mostly at an unconscious level. But even the responses and actions we are […]

Mindful Eating and the Alexander Technique

Article added December 12, 2004

Written by Shirley Wade-Linton. I am currently a 3rd year student at the Alexander Teacher Training School and have become quite fascinated with how the Technique can be applied to eating. Having been a dietitian for over 30 years and run many workshops on Mindful Eating and Body Awareness, it seems that the Technique would […]

Thought and Awareness

Article added November 26, 2004

Written by Richard Forrest. Mostly, our thinking – our purposeful, energised thinking, that is – tends to centre on particular things. This manner of thinking is fostered in us at school, at university, and in many forms of vocational training. In the Alexander Technique training we are encouraged to change our thinking. At the same […]


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